Why have Rick as a supervisor?

Rick is recognisied as both an Australian and international expert on Freedom of Information. He has given a large number of invited talks and presentations  on FOI, Ombudsman, Comparative Administrative Law and other topics in many countries including Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and Fiji.

Rick has a strong track record in supervising undergraduate research projects and has co-supervised students in Political Science Honours and  postgraduate Masters of Journalism units. Rick has been awarded a University of Tasmania Teaching Excellence Award and is regarded as an outstanding teacher who is dedicated to his students and helping them to achieve their best.

He received a National Citation for Teaching in 2008.

Rick has an extensive network (national and international) of contacts with other academics, public officials and non-government organizations which can facilitate student research projects.

Please contact Rick with any questions or just simply to discuss potential research topics or areas.

Research Help

I am very willing to help out research students (postgraduate or undergraduate) from other institutions when time permits. Please first look at the resources offered on this site (including interviews) and my articles. I enjoy discussing research ideas, problems or assisting with ideas.

If I am too busy or otherwise engaged I will let you know but it does not hurt to inquire.

If you can get to Tasmania I am more than happy to spend time with you. I often travel and willing to catch up with researchers, postgraduates and their supervisors while I am on the road.

A case study in collaboration

Rick was introduced to Peter Sebina, a postgraduate student from Botswana studying at University College London in Februray 2005. They had a working lunch at Tufnell Park and promised to keep in touch. During the course of 2005 and 2006 Peter sent several drafts of his thesis to Rick who supplied various feedback(sometimes a little and delayed,sometimes very extensive).In June 2006 Rick again visited Peter in London (with a a set of revisions to the penultimate thesis draft).They presented a joint seminar to the Department of Constitutional Affairs.

In Setember 2006 they prepared a joint conference paper which has now been published as an article in the Archives and Manuscripts.

Postgraduate Supervision Profile

Rick Snell BA(Hons)/LLB (UTAS), MA (Political Science UTAS)

Senior Lecturer in Law

Registered University of Tasmania Postgraduate Supervisor for Doctor of Philosophy and Masters of Laws

Research and postgraduate supervision interests – Freedom of Information, Ombudsman,  Administrative Law, Comparative Administrative Law, Media Law. I am also interested in co-supervising students in multi-disciplinary areas that link with any of the above areas (ie Journalism and FOI, Political Science and Ombudsman etc)

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